We offer services in designing of interiors and realization of turnkey projects: Italy (Lombardy), Campione d'Italia, Switzerland (Ticino). We not only provide all architectural sketches and drawings. In addition, we calculate the budget, select and provide deliveries of all necessary for realization the project: finished materials, sanitary engineering, furniture, illumination, street canopies, textiles, dishes etc. We conduct a technical and architectural supervision. All deliveries produced directly from producers, so our clients save the money. The advantages of work with our company:

1. Excellent achievement of sketches in 3D and working drawings.

2. Wonderful relationship with producers in different industries. It will allow you to cut expenses significantly.

3. The counted budget on the stage of planning will allow you to begin works “with open eyes”.

4. High-quality choice of specialists for construction and repair works.

5. Complete architectural supervision.

6. Complete synchronization of construction supplies, finished materials and furniture with the conducted works.