We began the activity in 2003 as furniture salon. Sincere interest to work, aspiration to offer the best and search of opportunities for accomplishment of complex challenges allowed us to turn from furniture salon into design bureau. The changes affected not only our approach to work, but also a geography of our projects: Siberia, Yakutia, Moscow, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. Logically following the way for providing of such services to property owners in Italy (Lombardy), Campione d'Italia, Switzerland (Ticino).

We opened the company MAKAROV/CASA. It happened thanks to our clients who appreciate our attitude to work, experience and knowledge. As a result chosen MAKAROV/CASA as the general contractor. Now, creating interiors, we try pass in them a piece of our love to Italy and support in this important and fine decision- the acquisition real property in these regions.

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